Tips to Selecting a Personal Injury Attorney Kenosha WI

by | Oct 16, 2019 | Attorney


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Getting the right lawyer when you have a legal issue tends to be an overwhelming task in most cases. This is because there are plenty to choose from and you would have to whittle them down to one who has the required experience in your particular case. When you or a loved one are injured, you now have to get the services of a personal injury attorney at the shortest time possible. Selecting the right personal injury attorney instead of an ambulance chaser is what could make the difference in you getting compensation for your injury or not. Here are some handy tips that you could use when it comes to selecting a personal injury attorneys Kenosha WI.

1. The first place that you could begin your search would be with the American Bar Association. Each state has one and the association will have the names and contacts of all the lawyers that are registered in your area. Visiting the bar association website will also come in handy, as it has a number of resources that could help you along in the legal journey that you are about to take.

2. Consult your family members, friends, and even colleagues if they have had experience with a personal injury attorney Kenosha WI before. Chances are you may come across someone who knows an individual who needed this type of lawyer at one point or another. The great advantage of seeking word of mouth recommendations is that you can get information straight from the horse’s mouth on the capabilities of the lawyer that they dealt with. You can find out if the lawyer is professional and experienced or if they lost the case due to inexperience. This will help you make a list of lawyers that you should consider and those that you should keep away from.

3. Talk to your current lawyer and find out if they have any referrals for you when it comes to choosing a personal injury attorney Kenosha WI. In most cases, lawyers have their own fraternity and thus will know of other attorneys in various fields. Your lawyer could give you a list of names of competent lawyers that could help you out with your personal injury lawsuit.

4. Once you have a shortlist to choose a personal injury attorney from, set up appointments with the different lawyers on your list. It is pertinent that you meet each one of them beforehand so that you can establish who would be a good fit for you and the ones that you are not comfortable around. Ask as many questions as you can during this meeting so that you can establish whether the personal injury attorney will be able to win your case for you or not. After this meeting, you can whittle down your choices to one lawyer who will represent you. Visit Schoone, Leuck, Kelley, Pitts & Pitts S.C. for more details.