Three Steps to Preparing for Consultations with Vehicle Accidents Law Firms in Virginia Beach, VA

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Auto Accident Attorney


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When a person is involved in a car accident that was not their fault, they are often entitled to compensation for their injuries and the damage sustained by their vehicle. Obtaining this compensation, however, is rarely simple. If a person has tried going through the insurance company and is denied or is offered a settlement that’s not adequate, they do have the option of working with one of the vehicle accidents law firms in Virginia Beach, VA. Before their consultation visit, however, they will want to be prepared.

Collect Necessary Documents

Any documents detailing the accident or the expenses from the accident should be collected including medical bills, car repair bills, proof of lost wages, other property damage, and more. This is going to be essential in determining the amount of money a person should receive.

Collect Any Evidence

Any evidence that shows the damage, injuries, or the cause of the accident should be gathered including police reports, photographs of the accident scene, photographs of the damage to the vehicle, and video evidence from a dash cam if one was used. This may need to be used to prove the fault of the accident or to prove the damages and the severity of the damages.

Prepare a Statement

A person should write down exactly what happened as soon as possible after the accident. Time can change a person’s perception of the events, so it’s important to do this as fast as possible and to hold onto it until the meeting with the lawyer. This can be used to help prove the fault of the accident or to help clarify the events as they occurred, so there’s no question about what happened first, second, or last right before or after the accident.

By taking the time to do the above tasks, a person will be ready to speak with one of the vehicle accidents law firms in Virginia Beach, VA, about their own case. The lawyer will be able to review all the information and let them know what help is available. Then, they’ll have the opportunity to determine if they want to hire a lawyer and take the next step. For more information, contact W. Ware Morrison Law Group today.