Three Important Times to Hire an Experienced Chicago-Based FMLA Attorney

by | Jun 5, 2020 | Lawyer


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Employers are prone to committing discriminatory acts and retaliation when it comes to approving FMLA leaves. Here is when to hire an attorney.

When a Manager Discourages the Leave

It is not uncommon for employers to try and convince their workers not to go through with leaves by using guilt trips or scare tactics. Whenever this happens, it is time to contact Fmla lawyers Chicago. A good lawyer knows how to communicate their client’s interests without upsetting the employer, and they will also inform the management team and HR department of the criminal consequences that they will face if they continue acting inappropriately.

When Insurance Benefits Stop

During a leave, there should be no pauses in insurance coverage as long as steady payments are made, and if there is a legitimate reason for the drop, it must be communicated 30 days in advance. If an employer protests this fact or cancels the employee’s coverage, Fmla lawyers Chicago will advise them of the error and take the necessary legal action if they refuse to correct it.

When There Are Issues Regarding a Return Date

An employee should be able to return back to work with no issues after their time off as long as all guidelines were followed. An FMLA lawyer will make sure that their client’s job is reinstated along with their correct pay and position.

The expert attorneys at Caffarelli & Associates Ltd. are committed to ensuring that their clients are treated fairly and with tact in all phases of their FMLA leave.