The Rationale Behind Laws About Domestic Violence In Reno NV And Countrywide

by | Jul 10, 2013 | Law


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Like most laws in the country, every little town and precinct, county, and state have different rules governing the punishments and treatments for alleged domestic violence, so it is extremely difficult to pin down even a small percentage of them in one convenient place. If you have some particular desire to know all the details of the laws that are in effect where you live, then a quick internet search should quickly turn up at least the general policies if not all of the details. However, there are some general similarities between laws concerning domestic violence in Reno NV and those can be examined fairly easily.

Lawmakers noted a disturbing fact when they started trying to arrest perpetrators of domestic violence in Reno, NV. That fact was that no matter how terrified the victim was of their abuser, they still loved them. The police would come to an alleged violent incident and be ready and willing to arrest the abuser, haul them off to jail, and keep them there for the next few years. But almost instantly, the victim would recant their accusations, insist that they did not want to press charges, and the alleged perpetrator would be out on the street just hours later and very few cases were ever successfully prosecuted. Without the victim being willing to accuse their spouse or family member, there was little the legal system could do.

In response then, laws were changed to remove the victim’s accusation from the formula and the process. In most situations now, when there is even a suspicion of domestic violence in Reno NV, the police have no choice about how they handle the alleged abuser. That lack of options continues on through the prosecution and the sentencing. The idea is really to get the alleged perpetrator of the domestic violence away from the victim promptly and for a set period of time whether it be several hours or a day or more. Then, if warranted, the legal prosecution is typically carried out without need for input from the victim. The accuser is the state (or other locality) and not the victim of the abuse. That way, he or she cannot change her mind or refuse to press charges.

Understanding the psychology behind the problems with prosecuting alleged abusers allowed the legal system to make new laws regarding domestic violence in Reno NV; laws that hopefully will allow more victims to escape their abusers permanently. Visit US for more information.