The job of a consumer bankruptcy lawyer

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Law


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Bankruptcy is something that is an available option for individuals and businesses and in each case the facts are quite different. A consumer bankruptcy lawyer is one who focuses on representing individuals rather than businesses who declare bankruptcy. A Las Vegas Nevada bankruptcy lawyer will advise his or her clients on whether declaring bankruptcy is the right thing to do or not and if it is the lawyer helps the client prepare the documentation that is necessary to support the declaration and be with the client throughout the proceedings. Even after the client has been discharged the consumer bankruptcy lawyer may find that advice is still required in the event there are any unforeseen difficulties.

Although a consumer is free to represent him or herself in bankruptcy court, it is not advisable to do so. The laws as they apply to bankruptcy are very complex and numerous and they must be strictly followed to avoid any complications. With the laws being as complex as they are it is easy for a layperson to make serious mistakes when it comes to accurately listing all debts and in preparing the papers that are needed for filing. The US bankruptcy code actually states that a Las Vegas Nevada bankruptcy lawyer must verify that all statements made in a filing in Nevada are honest and transparent.

Although there are some differences in the way consumer bankruptcy is handled in different jurisdictions, preparing for bankruptcy does have many commonalities. The individual’s debts must be listed and documented as well as a complete list of all the assets and the correct completion of the various forms demanded by the court. In many cases the debtor will have significant assets that he or she wishes to protect and as a result this individual will have been advised to file Chapter 13, this allows the bankrupt to file a repayment plan which is acceptable to the court which allows the debt to be repaid over a time frame of three or four years. In cases like this the Las Vegas Nevada bankruptcy lawyer will undertake the development of the repayment plan to ensure it is in compliance with federal guidelines.

In most cases concerning bankruptcy the debtor will have to appear in court at least once. During this court appearance the creditors may raise concerns or objections about the plan. The lawyer represents his or her client during these hearings, explaining to the creditors and officers of the court details of the filing and if concerns are still raised the lawyer will provide an explanation to the client and work to address them.

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