The Importance of an Estate Planning Lawyer in Fall River, MA

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Lawyers


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An estate planning lawyer in Fall River, MA could help to protect you and your loved ones from a potentially frustrating situation. Although this type of planning sounds complex, absolutely anyone could have their estate planned with ease, regardless of their budget for the service. Nearly everyone with the mind to plan their estate could benefit from the help of a legal representative, especially if they have multiple assets or an otherwise complicated estate to consider.

Net Worth

In the case of your net worth being at or beyond $5 million, your estate could be subject to an estate tax. Unless you plan ahead, the large portion of your estate you plan to give your children in the future could very well be given to the government instead. Fortunately, a reliable and experienced firm such as the Business Name can help you handle the frustration of such a problem so as to avoid the potential loss.


If you currently own real property, an estate planning lawyer can help you work through the potentially tricky prospect of dividing it up after your passing. A lawyer not only has the experience to handle your problem, but also real hands-on knowledge for handling the legal technicalities associated with owning property. Since you may be unaware of some of these technicalities, especially if you own a portion of a property rather than the entire thing, it pays to have a professional on your side during estate planning.

Special Circumstances

For some, an estate planning lawyer can be a great asset when making plans for your child with special needs whose federal benefits might be lost if they inherit. In other cases, some people own foreign property or have foreign heirs, which can cause problems too. Only specialized help can guide you through this type of situation.