Should Those Who Have Been Falsely Accused of Sex Crimes Testify in Court?

by | Aug 13, 2012 | Lawyer


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Being falsely accused of a sex crime in Grand Rapids, MI can be enough to irrevocably damage someone’s life. Criminal activities such as rape, child molestation, public indecency, or sexual harassment are not only deeply serious because of the impact they have on victims, but they also carry a profound stigma that can destroy a person’s reputation just for being accused of them. Deeply ingrained prejudices against accused suspects can easily infect even the most rigorously chosen juries based on insubstantial evidence, such as personal appearance or the way one carries himself.

It is very important, therefore, that anyone falsely accused not only secure the services of a sex crimes attorney in Grand Rapids, MI, but also go through rigorous preparations to testify in court on his or her own behalf. In most cases, if a person accused of a sex crime does not testify, many of the jurors will assume that this means guilt. A large part of this assumption may have to do with the secretive and subversive nature of sex crimes; a defendant who doesn’t want to testify will be seen as doing what he or she always does, hiding perversion in the fear of being exposed.

The psychology behind such assumptions notwithstanding, giving poor testimony in a trial can also cause jurors to assume guilt that isn’t based on evidence, especially if the accused defendant is unclear in the weak points of his or her own defense. Gathering all one’s thoughts and memories in an organized way in order to effectively present them to the court in a way that leads to acquittal rather than a prison sentence is the job of a sex crimes attorney. Grand Rapids, MI has excellent, seasoned attorneys who can assist defendants on giving the most honest, lucid, and clear testimony possible in their own defense.

Almost all juries are going to want to see a person accused of something as stigmatizing and destructive as a sex crime as being eager to want to stand and defend himself if he or she is innocent. Again, refusing to do so implies guilt (rightly or wrongly), but it is important to do whatever is possible to strengthen any weak areas of one’s defense so that when the prosecution asks difficult questions intended to expose weaknesses, the defendant will be able to respond with confidence.

Many people who are innocent of sex crimes for which they have erroneously been charged have been vindicated in court through the effort of an aggressive and persistent sex crimes attorney in Grand Rapids, MI, and have had their tarnished reputations restored.

Sex crimes attorney Grand Rapids, MI – Being falsely accused of a sex crime is one of the most devastating things that can happen to an individual. At LaGrand & Lowery, PLLC, we want to ensure that justice wins the day by helping you prove your innocence. When you need an experienced sex crimes attorney in Grand Rapids, MI court, call us at (616) 356-1770 or visit us on the web at to schedule an appointment with an attorney for your free initial consultation.