Sexual Favors Required for Promotion? Contact Sexual Harassment Lawyers in Springfield, MA for Help

Sexual harassment is illegal in every work environment. While many workers know that it’s illegal for a boss to demand sexual favors in return for job security, promotions, a preferential schedule or any other matter pertaining to work, those workers might not know how many other actions are illegal as well. The law is written extremely broadly and covers any actions or comments that make a hostile work environment. For example, it’s considered sexual harassment if a group of people stand around on Monday morning and discuss their Saturday night sexual encounters. The group speaking can include all men, all women, or a mixture. The person interpreting the group as hostile can be either a man or a woman.

A Sexual Harassment Lawyers Springfield MA practice can help a worker determine if their discomfort meets the test of sexual harassment. The harassment does not have to come from an employee of the company. It can come from a vendor or even a client. If a client persists in lewdly staring at an employee while they are doing their job, this is sexual harassment. Granted it can be difficult for a business owner to criticize the conduct of a customer or client, but they have to stop the sexual harassment.

It’s very difficult for an employee to risk their job, their pension and their health insurance by taking a stand against their employer. They can even risk alienating everyone in the office, who thinks the dirty jokes are funny. That’s why it’s important to hire Sexual Harassment Lawyers Springfield MA law firm before taking any steps. They will know how best to file the complaint and get the actions to stop. The employer will also take notice that the employee has hired a lawyer and therefore already knows their rights under the law.

Lawyers such as Michael O. Shea P.C. Attorney at Law know when it’s time to file a lawsuit to protect their client’s reputation and get them a financial settlement. Not only is the lawsuit for emotional damage, but the employer may have made it difficult for the person to find another job. When a person complains about one work environment, other employers may be nervous about hiring them. They will go out of their way to find a more qualified individual.


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