Seek an Experienced Truck Accident Injury Lawyer in Washington, PA

by | Oct 5, 2018 | Lawyer


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Truck accident injuries are always complicated because there are so many possibilities regarding negligence. Knowing what to consider and where to look for evidence takes years of practice, precision, and attention to detail. This is no time to settle for a novice truck accident injury lawyer in Washington, PA. Seek experience for thorough discovery and aggressive representation.

Possible Negligent Parties

The accident may seem like a simple matter of a driver failing to stop in time to avoid a collision, but that is typically not the case. The negligent party or parties can turn out to be:

  • The driver who was distracted
  • The brake manufacturer that produced a defective product
  • The manager of the company who assigns trucks
  • The outside company hired to perform maintenance on the fleet
  • The municipality that neglected road repairs
  • The driver of the vehicle hit with brakes lights that needed to be replaced

There may also be extenuating circumstances that were factors in the accident, such as inclement weather, a blocked stop sign, or a sudden medical issue.

Many Aspects to Examine

An experienced truck accident injury lawyer in Washington, PA will have the skills to keep searching for the negligent party, if there is one. Making connections, following up with questions, and having enough evidence to present in court is what can be expected from a lawyer with decades of experience.

Determining Future Factors

Another essential part of an injury case is determining an appropriate amount of money to seek a settlement or judgment. Lost wages, medical expenses, pain and suffering, and car repairs are basic factors. An experienced lawyer knows to seek compensation for any future costs that are directly related to the accident. Long-term care, a difference in wage if a lesser job is all the victim is capable of, any future surgeries, and re-training if applicable are all examples of possible expenses due to the accident.

Getting Started

The sooner the victim calls a lawyer, the sooner the process of building a strong case can begin. Some lawyers are willing to conduct free consultations at the home of the victim or the hospital if necessary. Contact us to set up an initial consultation.