Reviewing Your Rights And Responsibilities As a Tenant With a Probate Lawyer In Chicago

by | Jun 9, 2016 | General


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In Illinois, rental property owners must provide a lease contract to all tenants who live in their property that identifies rights and responsibilities of the tenant. It defines the rules for living in the property as well as financial responsibilities. A probate lawyer in Chicago helps tenants understand their rights and responsibilities to the property owner.

Your Responsibility in the Lease Contract

The tenant is required to pay monthly rental payments according to the lease, which indicates a date by which the payments are due each month. It defines any late charges applied to the account if the payment isn’t received on this date.

It also defines the deposit required to move into the property. The tenant must provide this value as well as any future rental payments requested. The lease identifies the date the money was received and when the tenant can move into the property.

If You Damage the Property

If the tenant damages the property itself, they are responsible for all repairs. They must contact the owner’s preferred contractor or repair service to manage these requirements. However, if they are existing issues that weren’t caused by the tenant, the landlord must manage these requirements.

The rental property owner isn’t responsible for any of the tenant’s personal belongings. Most rental agreements require the tenant to acquire renter’s insurance. These policies cover the cost of replacing personal belongings and may also cover certain repairs or damage caused by the tenant. If the insurance is required by the lease, the tenant must fulfill this obligation.

If You Are Facing an Eviction

The landlord must provide the tenant with a period of at least thirty days to vacate the premises during an eviction. However, they must have a viable reason for this action. The tenant must void their initial contract by falling to pay their rent for at least three months first.

In Illinois, rental property owners must provide a contract to rent their property defining the rights and responsibilities of the tenant. Any tenant who has a dispute with a landlord should hire a probate lawyer in Chicago by contacting Starr, Bejgiert, Zink, & Rowells today.