Reviewing New Laws With A Child Pornography Lawyer In Cedar Rapids, IA

by | Apr 29, 2015 | Lawyers


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The state of Iowa has taken further initiatives to protect children under new child pornography laws. Under these new provisions, offenders are charged based on the total number of victims identified. Previous rulings allowed the state to prosecute offenders on one charge based on a collection of images found in their possession. Furthermore, the state has also taken into account a new trend via mobile communications in which offenders are finding alternative outlets to exploit children.

What are the Current Penalties for Child Pornography?

The act of enticing, soliciting, or otherwise persuading a minor to perform or simulate any sexual act in which a recorded visual image is produced is considered a class c felony. New laws in Iowa include the use of internet-based or mobile communications within this criminal offense. The punishment for this crime is a maximum of ten years in prison. The offender is assigned a fine of no more than $50,000. Any individual facing this charge should contact a Child Pornography Lawyer in Cedar Rapids IA immediately.

Promoting Child Pornography

Broadcasting, distributing, or otherwise promoting the live performance of a sexual act by a minor is a class D felony. This crime is punishable by a prison sentence of no more than five years. The offender will pay a fine of a maximum of $25,000.

Possession of Child Pornography

The possession of any visual media, including video recordings and photographs of minor children performing sexual acts is an aggravated misdemeanor. The punishment for this infraction depends on the volume of media within the offender’s possession and the total number of victims.

All individuals who are convicted of child pornography-based crimes and sexual offenses against minors are required to register as a sex offender. They are required to register prior to the deadline outlined within their release documentation. They are also required to notify all residents of their community of this registration. Any offender who fails to comply with these laws are in violation and subject to further penalties. Residents who were arrested on any of the above-mentioned crimes should hire a Child Pornography Lawyer in Cedar Rapids IA by contacting Jacobsen Johnson & Wiezorek PLC today.