Reviewing A Dog Attack With An Injury Lawyer In Grand Rapids, MI

In Michigan, pet owners are held at a higher liability if they don’t mitigate common risks. They are required to follow leash laws and utilize enclosures when their dogs are outside their home. Any failure to follow the laws could result in a dog attack. An Injury Lawyer in Grand Rapids MI is available to help victims of these unfortunate events.

Assessing the Attack

The first step is to assess the attack. The victim must seek medical attention to treat their injuries. This will generate necessary records that are used for a claim. They must also create a full report of the attack including the reason the dog attacked them.

Filing Necessary Reports

The victim must also report the attack. They have two options for reporting the event. They can allow their medical doctor to submit a report to the animal control officer. On the other hand, the victim could call the officer themselves and provide more details. The officer needs to know where the animal is located and who the pet owner is if possible. If the victim is aware of the animal’s breed, they need to disclose this information as well. Click here for more information.

Quarantine Periods for the Dog

The animal control officer must send a notification to the pet owner. The pet owner must provide a record of all recent shots for the animal. They are also required to surrender the animal to a licensed vet for a complete assessment. The quarantine period is up to 12 days. The pet owner must pay the full cost of boarding, medical attention, and vaccinations for the animal. If they didn’t vaccinate their dog, they could face fines. If the dog was involved in a previous attack, strict liabilities are enforced in the accident case.

In Michigan, pet owners face strict liabilities when they fail to prevent additional attacks by their animal. These circumstances could lead to an award of payment for all medical treatment as well as tort-based rulings. Animal control officers determine the fate of the dog. Victims of these attacks can contact an Injury Lawyer in Grand Rapids MI through Bleakley Law Offices P C for more information.

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