Resolution to Your Personal Injury Claim

by | May 29, 2013 | Law


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By law, you are required to carry auto insurance if you are going to operate a motor vehicle. A common assumption is that your insurance policy will cover any injuries to you or other persons involved with the accident. In some cases, you will need to hire a personal injury lawyer in Kentucky that will help you with negotiations with the insurance company to ensure that you are properly compensated. There are several things that your lawyer will do to purse a good settlement.

Claim Amounts

The first thing your personal injury lawyer in Kentucky will want to know is the minimum amount you would like to receive for your claim. This information should only be discussed between you and your lawyer. This will help you ensure you can make the right decision in a hurry, although you should strive for more than the minimum.

Pass on the First Offer

Something else that your lawyer may suggest is that you do not just accept the first offer because it is generally the lowest. Your lawyer should help you determine the actual value of your claim and measure that with the amount of time you want to have it resolved in. Your lawyer can also find out what level of experience that the insurance adjust has. If you are working with an experienced adjuster, he will have more money at his disposal to work with. If the first offer does not meet your needs, then your personal injury lawyer in Kentucky will counter with a different one.

When an adjuster makes an offer that is lower than you had anticipated, it is a good idea to have your attorney find out why. Many times it is an attempt to test your resolve and determination for higher figures. Sometimes there are valid reasons and your attorney will go over those with you. Should you decide to lower your claim amount, make sure you wait until all the figures have been received from the adjuster. This shows the insurance company that your claim is important to you and that you are serious. If you lower the amount to much, they will assume you are unsure of what you are doing. It is important that you take notes in any meetings with the adjuster so that you can go over any questions you have with your attorney before you settle your case.