Personal Injury Lawyers in Auburn, Indiana Help Clients Obtain Compensation for Pain and Suffering

by | Mar 20, 2018 | Attorney


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People who have been seriously injured in an accident caused by another person may want to consult personal injury lawyers in Auburn, Indiana. A free consultation is advisable before they ever start trying to figure out how much compensation they should expect from the liable insurance company.

Pain and Suffering

One aspect these individuals may have heard of but probably don’t fully understand is the legal concept of physical and emotional pain and suffering in an injury case. There are no official standards about this concept because it is an intangible factor, in contrast to hospital bills and lost wages.

Emotional and Physical Aspects

Yet personal injury lawyers in Auburn, Indiana still may include a demand for this type of compensation from the insurer. They may request reimbursement for psychological counseling that the client sought after becoming chronically depressed or experiencing panic attacks for the first time. They may decide on a dollar figure to address reduced quality of life because of chronic pain after a back injury.

Negotiating a Settlement

Attorneys often recommend not accepting the first settlement offer from an insurer because the numbers typically can be negotiated. That may be an even more significant consideration when the settlement includes a payment offer for intangible factors since the amount is subjective. The lawyer and client determine what the intangible aspect is worth, but the insurer may disagree and offer a much lower amount. For instance, the insurance company may agree to pay for psychological counseling but not for the intangible aspect of emotional trauma.

Necessary Verification

Verification from a psychiatrist or psychologist as to the seriousness of the emotional problem will be needed by a law firm such as Yoder & Kraus to effectively negotiate the case. The person’s quality of life may be undermined by chronic insomnia, fear of riding in vehicles or inability to concentrate at work. A medical doctor must verify a problem with chronic pain that is causing issues for the claimant. This person may also have difficulty working at the job they have held for years. Chronic discomfort may interrupt sleep and make it impossible to participate in favorite recreational activities. Follow us on Twitter.