Media Marketing: Tips for Disability Attorney TV Advertising

by | Jan 8, 2015 | Lawyer


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Advertising their law practice is not something every lawyer does. There are some attorneys who are able to create and maintain a small practice by relying on seminars, networking and referrals. Additionally, some attorneys prefer online lead generation. For these practices, they may decide not to spend any of their budgets on TV or internet advertising; however, without a comprehensive marketing strategy these days, many of these firms are seeing their case loads decrease.

Many legal practices are operating in extremely competitive markets, need to grow their practice, or are working to get their firm off the ground. In these instances, implementing a true advertising campaign is essential. There are a number of options to consider, including radio, print and disability attorney TV advertising; however, certain considerations are necessary prior to moving forward with these efforts.
TV Commercials

Much like other industries, advertising your law practice should be comprehensive and not rely on one single avenue for retaining clients. With the rise in the use of the internet, it is important to use SEO and PPC; however, for contingency fee law firms, TV advertising still offers a great return on investment, and can produce a lower cost per case than any other form of advertising in many markets.

Even though some attorneys may be jaded regarding the use of disability attorney TV advertising, it can still be effective because it is one of the very few ways to reach your target audience in large numbers. If done right and with a specialized agency, TV advertising can produce amazing results.

The Rise of Online Video

An online video is similar to a television commercial and can be produced at a low cost. Video is a great way to improve SEO, provide educational marketing to your clients, and increases conversions from potential clients.
Marketing your law firm effectively has changed significantly in the past few years and requires a comprehensive approach. It is important to hire an agency that specializes in working with your practice area. To learn more visit website