Litigating A Premise Liability Case With A Personal Injury Lawyer

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Personal Injury Lawyer


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Personal injury cases require the victim to file a claim quickly. Under state law, the victim has a period of no more than three years to file a claim. If they fail to follow these requirements, they lose their right to compensation. A Personal Injury Lawyer provides assistance for victims of premise liabilities today.

Documenting the Victim’s Injuries

The attorney begins by documenting the victim’s injuries. They acquire all medical records pertaining to the case and review them carefully. The medical records must show an injury that coincides with the accident identified. The records must indicate what losses were experienced by the victim due to these injuries. This includes any medical expenses, lost wages, or loss of support for minor children.

Acquiring Evidence of the Accident

Any video footage of the accident is acquired by the victim’s attorney. If the property was a commercial business, the attorney must file a subpoena for the video footage. This prevents the property owner from destroying or altering the evidence before the trial.

Proving the Property Owner Liable

The liability of the property owner indicates a failure to provide a safe location. If the owner was aware of unsafe conditions, they are liable due to this failure. The property owner is required to follow all safety laws regarding visitors who enter their property. They must manage any hazards according to their company policies and federal regulations. This includes following building code regulations for their type of business.

Failing to Follow Safety Regulations

Safety regulations apply to specific types of premises. For example, all construction zones must provide signs that are visible to all individuals. The lettering of these signs must measure no less than ten inches. The foreman must manage all entrances to the area and warn the public of any additional hazards.

Personal injury cases require the victim to follow the statute of limitations as well as additional laws pertaining to their case. For premise liabilities, the victim must show a failure on the property owner’s part to provide a safe space for them to visit. Any victims of a premise liability accident should contact a Personal Injury Lawyer quickly or visit or their Google+ page for further guidance.