Jobs of a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Carrollton, GA

by | Nov 28, 2013 | Lawyers


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The laws of bankruptcy are complicated and very confusing, often to the extent that the average individual can’t understand them. An increasing number of people file bankruptcy each year for many different reasons. Some of the most common include:

     *     A disability has left them unable to work and support their own needs or those of loves ones.

     *    They were recently laid off or fired and are struggling financially.

     *    A recent divorce left them victimized and unable to take care of financial responsibilities.

For those who become over-stacked with debt and other financial obligations that burden them, hiring a lawyer seems like gripping at pennies that aren’t there. Even at this stage, consulting and meeting with a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Carrollton, GA might be the best option to getting assistance with the complicated processes of bankruptcy.

It is the job of the bankruptcy lawyer to explain, in full, what their client is looking at in terms of execution. They will explain the details of the laws and where it places their situation on the records. They can advise their clients and explain what chapter might be suitable for their case.

Their first step is to assess the financial situation of the client, informing along the lines of what sort of bills can be eliminated, deadlines that can be negotiated, and what possessions could be kept after the filing. After the lawyer has finished their general assessment and has settled on a plan with their client, they will fill out all of the necessary paperwork that will put the process in motion.

The most common bankruptcy chapter taken is Chapter 7. This allows the client to liquidate their property and possessions to pay off creditor debt. However, each case is unique, and this may not be the route for every individual. A bankruptcy lawyer will be the middle man in discussions with creditors. He or she will negotiate a settlement or payment plan that is reasonable for their client.

Bankruptcy can be complicated and intimidating for the average person, and consulting a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Carrollton, GA can be the best step in choosing the appropriate options.