It Is Difficult To Get Disability Benefits

by | Jun 2, 2015 | Law


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Even the most adept Social Security lawyer can find it very difficult to deal with the SSA, Social Security Administration. Helping clients to gain approval for benefits can be very complicated and time consuming. What exactly are the benefits that a Social Security lawyer in Florida fights for?

Disability benefits, the term itself speaks volumes. Disability benefits are made available to a person who suffers from a physical or mental disability. Disability benefits are available of course through the government under Social Security, benefits are available to some as a component part of their labor union benefits package, by the employer or they can be purchased from a private insurer. To the disabled person it really matters little where the benefits come from, what is important is that they can live independently, provide for their family and themselves and ensure that the care they need is available.

Should a child be born with a severe disability the parents of the child are provided with certain benefits, the benefits act very much as incentive to keep the child in the family home and provide the necessary care. The alternative is institutionalizing the child which is more costly and in most cases, less humane. As the disabled child matures and comes of age it may prove possible for him or her to take care of their finances, should this be the case the support money the parents have been receiving all along passes to the young disabled adult. This situation rarely happens if the individual has a serious mental infirmity but often happens when the disability is physical. Once the benefits pass from parents to child they are theirs to use for their care, prescription medicines, therapy etc as well as the costs associated with independent living.

It is quite different suffering a disability later in life vs. being born disabled. To these individuals there are a number of benefits available to them. If the disability is the result of a work injury the person can claim against workers compensation insurance. If, on the other hand the disability is the result of an illness or accident there are government benefit packages available as well as benefits from private insurance policies.

A Social Security lawyer in Florida is more likely to work with clients who are applying for Social Security disability benefits. Those clients who have worked long enough and accrued sufficient work credits are eligible for SSDI, Social Security disability insurance. For those who have not worked or have not accrued enough work credits they can apply for SSI, Supplementary Security Income.

Disability benefits from the Social Security Administration can often be difficult to get. When dealing with the SSA it is always better to do it in cooperation with a Social Security lawyer in Florida.