Information on Civil Cases

For people who have been the victim of a contract dispute or have been evicted out of their homes due to a broken lease, filing a civil suit is their best course of action to get the compensation they deserve. If the person filing the lawsuit is successful, they will be awarded a monetary settlement to cover their pain and suffering. One of the most vital parts of getting the compensation that you need is by hiring a civil litigation attorney. The following is some information on civil lawsuits and working with Civil Litigation Attorneys in the New Jersey area.

Open to Everyone
One of the biggest misconceptions surrounding civil lawsuits is that people think that only private companies can file these types of lawsuits, which is simply not true. Any individual with a case that fits the criteria of a civil lawsuit can file. If you have suffered some kind of damage due to the wrongdoing of others, then you may be able to seek some kind of restitution for your situation. The best way to get the compensation that you deserve is by hiring a lawyer who is experienced in handling these types of cases.

Lighter Burden of Proof
Another factor that a person filing a civil suit needs to understand is that the burden of proof in these types of cases is rather light, which means that the judge assumes what the plaintiff is alleging is true.  This can be good for you if you are the one filing the lawsuit, but if you are the defendant it may be an uphill battle. The best thing to do for a defendant in these types of cases is to hire an experienced lawyer that can give them the help that they need to possibly win.

Monetary Settlements
The only thing that is at stake during a civil case is money, which is why many people file them under false pretenses. If you win the civil judgment, the judge handling the case will issue an order stating that the other party has to pay you an agreed upon amount of money within a certain amount of time. This is far different from criminal proceedings, where a person’s freedom is on the line if they lose. Be sure to seek the advice of a civil attorney before you file your lawsuit to make sure that you have a strong enough case to win.

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