Importance of a Worker’s Compensation Attorney in Melbourne, FL for Your Case

by | Mar 20, 2019 | Lawyers


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Were you injured on the job in the Melbourne, FL area? Perhaps you are out of work and unsure how to proceed. One of the most important calls you should make during this time is to a Worker’s Compensation attorney in Melbourne, FL. Even if you are on a light-duty work assignment, you might be able to file for Worker’s Compensation. Most people lack the skills needed to successfully navigate the legal system when it comes to Worker’s Compensation claims. This is why many claims get denied initially. Of course claimants have the option to appeal denials, but the process is overwhelming for many people. Some people choose to abandon their claims despite being injured. They mistakenly assume that the appeals process will not work in their favour. Attorneys can assist claimants in all stages of filing Worker’s Compensation claims. Whether you are appealing or filing a new claim, an attorney is the best resource to use for guidance.

Some people neglect to get a lawyer for their case because they feel as though they cannot afford to pay a lawyer. Many lawyers who practice in this area do not require their clients to pay unless they win their case. The attorneys are paid from the judgements their clients receive which varies. The percentage the attorneys receive is decided in advance. Ensure you understand how much an attorney will receive if your case is won prior to retaining the attorney. You could benefit from having a consultation with a Worker’s Compensation attorney in Melbourne, FL. This is a great way to determine the strengths and weaknesses of your claim.

Matheson & Horowitz has assisted many people in Florida with winning their Worker’s Compensation claims. These professionals can help you by estimating the amount your claim is worth. If you choose to have them represent you, they can offer advice on how to conduct yourself pending the outcome of your case. You might be given instructions about discussing your case or even keeping doctor’s appointments. Some claims are denied due to technicalities. This can result in appeals which prolong these cases. Legal representation is your best defense against your claim being denied as a result of a technicality.