How to Get Help With Oak Lawn Social Security Benefits

by | Oct 25, 2013 | Lawyer


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When you become injured or ill, this can leave you disabled and unable to work. For those who are permanently disabled and no longer able to work, life can become increasingly difficult. Not only are you trying to make ends meet with your bills and daily expenses, but you are also dealing with mounting medical bills. It is important you understand your rights when you are disabled. You have the right to file a claim for social security benefits and receive those benefits if a judge rules you as being disabled.

Steps to Filing For Oak Lawn Social Security Benefits

The first time people file for disability, they are often denied. This leads many to mistakenly believe they are not eligible for benefits. Even if you do receive a denial on your first filing, you can file again and even ask for an appeal hearing. This is why it is important to receive help from an attorney who can assist you with your Oak Lawn Social Security benefits. An attorney can assist you in making sure the paperwork is first filed correctly.

Though the process for getting approved for disability can be a long one, the good news is, you will be given your benefits from the moment you first file. This means once you are approved, you will receive a lump sum payment dating back to when you first filed. After you receive the lump sum, you will begin receiving your monthly benefit checks each month.

If your case goes to appeal, it will be heard by a judge. To get approval, you will need substantial medical proof of your disability through at least two different doctors. Your medical records will be discussed before the judge and your doctor may provide a written or verbal testimony on your behalf. The attorney will work to make sure you get the benefits you deserve so you can work on improving your future.

If you have become disabled, contact the office of Nash Disability Law. They understand disability laws and can assist you in filing and getting an approval. You will not pay until you get approved for your claim.