How to Choose a personal Injury Attorney

by | Nov 29, 2019 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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Have you been injured in an automobile accident? Need a personal injury lawyer in Tampa! If so, you may want to consider hiring a qualified personal injury attorney to advise you and represent your interests. We offer the following advice to help you be smart when you choose legal representation.

1. Do your research before you choose one – Try to talk with more than one attorney before you select the one to represent you. But find out if you will be charged for an initial consultation. Ask the lawyers about their fees, experience, what your options might be, and your chances of success.

2. Know the real deal when you meet with one – Once you decide to hire an attorney, be sure you understand what are are agreeing to. If you’re not clear on exactly what the attorney is doing, ask for clarification. You should be comfortable with your attorney’s approach to your case. You may want to get the agreement with your attorney in writing.

3. Pay attention to personal chemistry – Pay particular attention to the personal chemistry between you and your attorney. No matter well-recommended an attorney is, if you feel uncomfortable with that person during your first consultation, you may never achieve an relationship. Trust your instincts and seek an attorney whose personality is compatible with your own.

Our personal injury attorneys will fight to maximize the amount of compensation you’re awarded. We will not stop until you get the compensation you deserve!