How Can a Personal Injury Attorney in Silverdale Help You?

by | Jan 10, 2017 | Personal Injury Attorney


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Legal problems that involve serious injuries are very complicated to handle. An insurance company will tell the victim many different things hoping that they settle the case quickly and for less money then they’re entitled to. Personal injuries can involve car, truck or motorcycle accidents, slip and falls, dog bites and premises liability claims. If the victim of an accident has already been speaking to an insurance company, they should never agree to settle a case without first speaking to a personal injury attorney in Silverdale. They may be entitled to lost wages, payment for medical bills, pain and suffering and future costs associated with their injury.

When someone is bitten by a dog, the owner can be held liable if there’s an injury. The dog doesn’t have to be categorized as vicious before the attack happens in order to file a claim. Slip and falls can also happen almost anyway. Poor lighting, torn carpeting, excess snow or any other dangerous condition the owner knew about but didn’t correct would fall under this category. If the owner did not correct the problem, they could be held liable for the injuries a victim suffered.

A personal injury attorney in Silverdale can also handle nursing home abuse cases. Nursing home patients are very vulnerable to physical and sexual abuse. Failure of the caretakers to supply a patient with the proper hygiene, medical care, nutrition, or adequate fluids for proper hydration is considered abuse. This type of personal injury claim can be difficult to prove without the experience and knowledge of a personal injury attorney. They know how to review medical records and evidence. They also understand the emotional hurt a family suffers when this type of traumatic event occurs to their loved one.

Terrible accidents happen to unsuspecting people every day. The collapse of a deck, amusement park accidents, toxic fumes that result in harm to someone can all be compensated through a personal injury lawsuit. When a victim makes an appoint to meet Anthony C. Otto, they will see he will listen to their story, collect all the necessary information he needs, and begin the process of filing a claim that represents the best interest of the injured party.