Hiring Lawyers In Pasadena After An Asset Seizure

by | Oct 29, 2013 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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Khalaf and Khalaf Lawyers in Pasadena offer legal help in a wide spectrum of legal fields. By hiring an attorney you discover your rights and understand the odds in which you are facing. In criminal proceedings, you learn that it is necessary for an attorney to prove your innocence to the judge and the jury. That it is vital for him or her to present reasonable doubt and evidentiary support that backs up your claim.

Embezzlement and Illegal Financial Gains

In cases where the accused has acquired assets through illegal means, the U. S. government has the right to seize all property and assets. Any individual who is convicted of illegal acts of financial gains to include embezzlement and fraud are subject to seizure. These crimes are considered federally-based crimes and hold penalties that related to such crimes. However, it is your right to hire legal counsel to prove the methods in which you acquired your assets.

Under U. S. Law, the government has the right to claim any property that was allegedly acquired through illegal means. In these cases, the government will send you a notification of this probable seizure. However, your criminal defense attorney can fight in federally court to have these assets returned to you. He or she is required to provide sufficient evidentiary support that proves without doubt that these properties were purchased through legal means.

Local Legal Representation

Khalaf and Khalaf Attorney at Law offers legal help with criminal cases that include DUI, federal crimes, and drug offenses to name a fee. They additionally provide counsel in civil matters related to business and property. These attorneys are well-versed in these law fields and can provide an effective defense in these cases. To schedule a consultation or acquire criminal defense with these attorneys, contact these attorneys directly.


Lawyers in Pasadena are familiar with proceedings in criminal and civil matters. They can assist you in initiating your rights to a fair and speedy trial when you face criminal charges. An attorney within these law fields prepares a strong foundation for your case that presents vital evidence in court to defend you and your rights.