Hiring an Auto Accident Attorney in Lacey WA Following a Trucking Accident

If a person gets into a car accident while in the course of a work day, their employer may be liable. Employer liability is a problem seen in cases where commercial vehicle drivers have accidents, and the company is taken to court. Whatever the case may be, an employer’s liability depends on whether an Auto Accident Attorney in Lacey WA has a legal basis for holding them responsible.

When is an Employer Liable

There are three ways an employer can be deemed responsible for an employer’s accident: vicarious liability and negligence. These will be explained below.

Vicarious liability: It doesn’t require negligence on the part of the employer. Rather, it’s a doctrine that asserts that an agent’s actions are equivalent to the principle’s actions, with the principle being the employer. The rule applies only if the employee is doing the employer’s bidding when an accident occurs. For instance, if an employee is sent to the office supply store and gets into an accident on the way there, the employer could be held liable.

Negligence: An employer’s negligence can involve negligent supervision or hiring of employees. When a firm hires a person who they will allow to drive company vehicles, that firm has to exercise diligence in ensuring that the employee can drive safely. At the minimum, the company should ensure that the driver has a CDL that’s current. Many companies also perform drug tests and check drivers’ prior records.

Negligent supervision: This is another way a boss can be held liable for an employee’s car accident. Companies must have safety policies implemented, and they should ensure that all drivers follow those policies. For instance, if an employer hires truckers, they should ensure that the drivers keep logs as required by state and federal law, and that cargo is loaded and weighed properly. If the employer fails in that regard, they are liable for accidents caused by the driver.

Getting Legal Help After an Accident

If a person is in an auto accident where employer liability may come into play, they should Schedule An Appointment with an Auto Accident Attorney in Lacey WA. An attorney in Washington State can explain which liability rules apply to a particular case, and they can tell the client how their legal rights can be protected based on the circumstances of the accident.

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