Hiring an Accident Injury Attorney VA Can Offer Advantages to a Victim

by | Apr 29, 2014 | Auto Accident Attorney


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Being seriously injured in an automobile accident can be a frightening experience for many people. They often must first deal with as assortment of fearful events from the moment of the impact until they are finally on the road to recovery. During such a time, many people also have to worry about how to care for their home and family as well. Added to this, they have to deal with obtaining compensation from the insurance company for the driver responsible for the accident. This can be a bit much for anyone to handle alone and may make hiring an Accident Injury Attorney in VA a good choice.

Hiring an accident attorney who has experience with these types of cases can be a great source of support and help during such a time. The attorney will take over all the legal issues associated with the case. This can include obtaining copies of accident reports, police reports and medical records about the accident. They will also gather the cost information from the various doctors, hospitals and emergency workers used to treat the victim on the scene and immediately after the accident. This type of information will be important once a settlement negotiation begins.

The Accident Injury Attorney will also handle all dealings with the insurance company. This can be a great relief for many accident victims because insurance representatives often try to pressure victims into quick settlements by misleading the victim. Often they will only talk about the advantage of having the quick cash and never mention the victim will end up paying for charges incurred after the settlement with no hope of compensation. An experienced lawyer will know this and will explain this type of situation very clearly to the victim so they do not inadvertently end up shorting themselves on the amount of money they receive to pay for their treatments.

Hiring an attorney from a law practice, like Dulaney, Lauer & Thomas, can also be beneficial when the victim is having difficulties paying for their medical treatments before their case is settled. A lawyer will be able to provide documentation to the medical facility or doctor, which can make it possible for a contingency payment arrangement to be made. With this type of arrangement, the patient will receive treatment and payment for services will be handled once the case is settled. This can be one less worry for a victim. Follow us on Twitter