Hire a Lawyer Who Works With Family Law in Walker MN Even if You’re Not Divorcing

by | Sep 8, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms


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More and more often couples are having children without getting married first. In these cases, many people don’t realize they should still seek the help of a lawyer for help with Family Law in Walker MN if they separate, as they aren’t getting a divorce. However, even if the couple isn’t getting divorced, they will need to ensure there is a legal contract that states who has custody of the children, what the visitation schedule is, and how much child support will be paid.

If you and your significant other have decided to separate and have decided on a fair custody arrangement, you will still want to see a lawyer. If anything happens, such as your ex not bringing the children home on time, the police will not do anything if you don’t have a legal custody arrangement. A lawyer will help prevent this by writing up the contracts for you and your ex to sign. This will then be approved by a judge, as long as both of you agree to the arrangement, and you will then have legal proof of your custody arrangement just in case anything happens. This is to protect both of you, as even if you are separating amicably now, there’s no guarantee it will always stay that way.

If you are not separating amicably and can’t come to an agreement, a lawyer who is well versed in Family Law in Walker MN can help you explain to a judge why you need the custody, visitation and child support you’re asking for. Your lawyer will help you find any necessary evidence to help you with your case. They can also explain the process to you and how cases like yours generally end up. They can’t make any guarantees, since every case is different, but they can let you know what to expect.

Whether you’re separating amicably or not, your children need to be taken care of throughout and after the separation. By creating arrangements for the custody, visitation and child support, you can ensure that their interests are upheld at all times and make the process easier on them. To speak with a lawyer about your separation, you may want to Visit a Brainerd Minnesota Law Firm today for help.