Getting an Auto Accident Attorney St Petersburg

by | May 16, 2013 | Lawyer


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Careless driving, talking on cell phones, and speeding, we have all seen a driver that should not be on the road. When someone is injured due to the other driver’s negligence it’s time to consult a lawyer such as an Auto Accident Attorney St Petersburg. After an auto accident, there are mounting medical bills, pain and suffering, and lost wages. No one should have to suffer financial loss due to someone else’s disregard for personal safety.

Look for an auto accident attorney St Petersburg that will work on a contingency basis. By getting an attorney that works on a contingency fee you won’t have any out of pocket costs. The attorney doesn’t get paid until you get paid. This is an incentive for the attorney to work harder for your case. The attorney’s fees are based on a percentage of the settlement. The percentage is generally 28-33% of the total settlement. At the initial meeting with the attorney, they will review your case and let you know what they are going to request for compensation.

Injuries from an auto accident can be devastating and painful. During recovery, a victim will have to have multiple doctor visits, physical therapy, and may miss work. This is a time to focus on getting better, not on haggling with the insurance companies. Your personal injury lawyer will be your advocate and will keep the insurance company off your back. If you have no fault insurance, the attorney can help you submit a claim for your lost wages. You may be entitled up to 60% of your missed wages to due to a personal injury. Getting a legal advocate such as an auto accident lawyer St Petersburg is necessary to keep you from losing out on money that you are entitled to.

Don’t be a victim twice; don’t trust the insurance company to give you what is fair. Insurance companies need to make a profit, so they are motivated to settle with you quickly and for less money. Depending on your injury, you may have prolonged medical needs, costing you time and money through lost wages and multiple doctor visits. Don’t discount your future medical needs and settle for less than you deserve.