Get Through Tough Times With Bankruptcy Lawyers Lebanon

Bankruptcy lawyers are there to provide you with all the advice you need while facing a financial crisis and all the legal options that you can take to get out of that financial crunch. The options you have will depend on your financial situation. When finding a bankruptcy lawyer it is important to have some standards set out to make the search easier. The location of the lawyer’s offices should be near and accessible for easier communication and cost cutting purposes especially on transport.

  • The cost or fees charged by the bankruptcy lawyer presents a key factor in relation to the case. It should be a reasonable amount that the debtor can pay without a lot of financial strain. The client should also consider the experience of the bankruptcy lawyer in dealing with similar cases. Therefore, the client should ask for the credentials of the lawyer to prove this. The client should ensure that the comfort level with the lawyer is high so that he or she is at ease opening up about the personal issues to their lawyer. It is most advisable to use a lawyer recommended to you by a person in a similar situation.

  • Bankruptcy lawyers Lebanon once hired help you to file a case with the court after having decided whether to file for bankruptcy under chapter 7 or 11, 13. The creditors are then notified of the presented case. If you file soon enough it may stop foreclosures on your homes, sale of nonexempt property and businesses. Apart from filing for bankruptcy you may ask the collection agency to accept lower payments if the bankruptcy is only temporary.

  • In collection of debts, a creditor uses a collection agency to collect the owed amount from the debtor. If the debtor has filed for bankruptcy and is unable to pay the remaining portion, he or she is still entitled to consumer rights that prevent the collection agency from harassing the debtor, contacting the debtor through a third party, communicating with the debtor without the knowledge of his lawyer. The collection agency can only use the debtor’s attorney to communicate with the debtor or through a credit bureau.

  • Through the bankruptcy lawyer Lebanon, the collection agency must provide information on the actual amount of debt, name of the creditor, the period of time that the debtor is to pay the owed amount. Following this, the debtor has the option of accepting the information or disputing it within a period of 30 days. The collection agency uses the verified information to collect the debt thus the debtor must be aware that the agency is trying to collect the owed amount of money.

 Filing bankruptcy should be an informed and guided decision and this is why you need a Bankruptcy lawyer Lebanon. More information about bankruptcy lawyers can be found at

bankruptcy lawyers

bankruptcy lawyers

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