General Information on Videoconferencing Annapolis Businesses Ought to Learn

by | Apr 25, 2013 | Law


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Rapid technological changes are being witnessed every day. On the communication front, it has evolved from the use of messengers, letter writing through a postal office to the use of electronic platforms. Video conferencing is one of the latest innovations. It is a mode of communication between two or more different physical sites and involves the transmission of both audio and video signals. When it comes to Videoconferencing Annapolis industries including the legal fraternity have embraced the technology.

Requirements for ip video conferencing

High internet bandwidth connectivity

To be able to link the users in different locations immediately with no delays in signal transmission.

Constant power supply

To avoid down-time during the conference call.

Noise proof environment

This is to ensure coordinated communication of the parties without interference by outside noise.

Audio input and output devices

Devices like microphones, speakers and amplifiers are used.


A high quality camera(s) is needed for video signal capture.


For the signal processing and archiving of conferencing proceedings.

Display units

Usually large screens are used on all the ends with the capability to show all the locations involved.


Cost saving and operational efficiencies in companies

Due to globalization, business-to-business (B2B) communications have enabled different regions to be inter-connected. By use of IP video conferencing, travel and other logistical costs are saved.

Competitive advantage

Business environment requires a proactive and dynamic approach. By use of video conferences, strategic meetings between remote sites are possible. This gives the company a competitive advantage because it can harness opportunities as they appear in different localities.

Facial and body language visualization

This offers an opportunity to gauge the truthfulness and commitment in a communication by checking on the facial and body language of fellow participants. This lacks in letter, e-mail and phone conversations.

Challenges in IP video conferencing

Security of the communication: Since the communication is over the internet, it can easily be tapped through man-in-the-middle attacks. The remedy to this is use of a secure cryptosystem.

Varied time zones: This is usually a real-time engagement; however, different time zones present a challenge. For example, a court pre-trial briefing session held in different states. One can be nighttime and the other daytime.

Connectivity in outsourced facilities: A challenge due to use of various standards and security policies by different firms.