Fight Back by Getting Foreclosure Help

by | Dec 20, 2018 | Attorney


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A mother of three becomes ill, resulting in job loss. She has managed to secure a home in the suburbs with hopes of buying a new car. At first, the bill collectors were providing reasonable solutions to help this poor mother address her debt. The bill collectors quickly changed their tone from offering help to demanding that payments be made immediately. All that she worked for is at stake. Her home is in the process of being foreclosed. All the things she worked so hard for was about to be either repossessed or pawned for money. She wonders about what to do when a person is in need of Foreclosure Help.

Debt collectors know that by harassing people, they will have a better chance at getting their money. They come after their prey only when the situation turns desperate. Debt collectors have a variety of tactics to harass consumers. It starts with unsolicited calls made to friends and neighbors and escalates to lawyers filing serious motions in court.

The first step in dealing with bill collectors is to realize that good people find themselves in bad situations. Understand that many debt collectors respond better with third parties. Lawyers can advocate on your behalf better than any third-party can. Once bill collectors start to respond, your options will fall into two categories. You will either discuss reasonable plans for paying back the debt or begin the process for chapter 7 or 13.

For the mother of three with no job, her only option might be to start the process of chapter 7 or 13. While there are other options that may be available, it is important to work with an experienced attorney. Getting Foreclosure Help does not have to mean giving in to debt collectors. What it means is that you can have a chance at a fresh start. Keeping your home is a possibility if you are willing to fight back. There are laws that protect consumers from the harassment of bill collectors and illegitimate foreclosures. Instead of avoiding blocked calls and harassing legal documents, begin protecting your assets by working with a lawyer. Click here to know more.