Family Law Lawyer Hagerstown Considerations

by | Apr 17, 2013 | Attorney


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One of the most sensitive and difficult part of the law is family law. What makes this aspect of the law so complicated is it deals with difficult issues regarding the family such as divorce, child abuse, adoption, paternity, separation agreements and a host of other family issues. So with these emotional issues, it is not only important to find an attorney that knows the law, but find one that has the sensitivity to handle these matters in a professional and courteous manner.

There are many reasons to hire a Family Law Lawyer Hagerstown MD, but none so important as when it deals with family dynamics. Couples going through a divorce in most states have to deal with a certain degree of complexity, but Maryland has some variations to other states. For example, there are two ways to end a marriage one is called an absolute divorce and the other limited divorce or legal separation. With the absolute divorce procedure, the union is completely over and you are free to remarry someone if so desire. Any property owned is adjudicated based on how the property was acquired. On the other hand, a limited divorce agreement means that you are sill married but separated. This type of agreement occurs for a number of reasons such as lack of financial resources, or you are not ready to end the marriage.

Child support is another complicated issue that requires the assistance of a Family Law Lawyer Hagerstown MD as there are distinct laws governing this matter. The state uses a formula to determine child support obligation. This formula takes into consideration both parents gross income and even include non earned income such as disability benefits and Social Security.

Obtaining child custody is another issue, and it can present a problem with uncooperative parents and sometimes the only way to resolve in an equitable manner is via legal proceedings. However, keep in mind that the court looks at the best interest of the child to determine who should be granted custody.

Family Law Lawyer Hagerstown MD is plentiful. However, in your search, make sure you choose one that has extensive experience in the area and one that understands the laws and regulations regarding this matter. Not only the laws and regulations, but has the sensitivity to understand your plight and comes up with a strategy to resolve your short-term and long-term needs.