Examining Details With A Bus Accident Attorney In Upper Marlboro, MD

by | May 23, 2019 | Attorney


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In Maryland, bus accidents are a direct result of a failure to provide passengers with a duty. The Maryland Transit Authority is required to provide safe public transportation to local residents. Examining details with a bus accident attorney in Upper Marlboro MD helps the victims seek damages for their injuries.

Identifying the Reason for the Accident

The Maryland Transit Authority conducts an investigation any all accidents. The vehicle is assessed for mechanical failures. The area where the accident happened is evaluated for any hazardous road conditions. Finally, the driver is tested for a DUI.

The Total Number of Victims

The total number of victims determines what type of claim is filed. All passengers who are injured during the accident are sent to the local emergency room for a physical assessment. The doctor’s evaluation determines if further medical treatment is needed. The exact injuries of all victims are documented in the medical files.

Filing an Insurance Claim

The Maryland Transit Authority files an insurance claim to provide compensation for the victims. However, in some cases, the dollar amount of funds released to the victims might not cover all their expenses. If the agency doesn’t provide adequate compensation for the victims, then it is more likely that a legal claim is filed against the agency or their insurer. All victims that weren’t offered adequate compensation meet with an attorney. The victims cannot agree to the settlement offer and accept it, and then file a legal claim.

Class Action Lawsuits for Multiple Litigants

A class action lawsuit allows several litigants to appear in court at once. The action could increase the monetary award received by the litigants in the group. When class actions are filed, the attorneys schedule a court date for the victims with the most severe injuries first.

In Maryland, bus accidents lead to serious injuries and fatalities. The Maryland Transit Authority must comply with federal regulations when providing public transportation. The regulations require the agency to maintain buses and mitigate the risk of an accident. Victims who were injured due to the agency’s failures contact a bus accident attorney in Upper Marlboro MD or visit website domain for more details now.