Employment Legal Issues? Get Help From Attorneys of Employment Law in Northampton, MA

by | Jan 21, 2015 | Lawyers


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Dealing with a difficult employer or another employee can turn into a horrible situation. If this is happening to you and you’re being sexually harassed or receiving a constant barrage of disrespectful language and gestures, don’t you think it’s time to call an attorney? Connor Morneau & Olin have many years experience in dealing with many different types of legal issues within the working community. They know it’s not easy for anyone to go to work every day and do their best job when they’re in the threatening position of being abused and singled out. This type of behavior from anyone is humiliating and causes extreme stress.

This is not the only type of legal matter the attorneys practicing Employment Law Northampton MA residents rely on. The attorneys practice in the areas of Labor Law, Consumer Law, Employment Law and Ancillary Law. Labor law deals with union issues, mergers and affiliations, grievances and other types of problems. Consumer Law deals with fair credit reporting, consumer fraud, unfair and deceptive practices, and the lemon law. Employment Law deals with age or race discrimination, working too much overtime, but not receiving pay, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, wage and hour, an employee’s civil rights are threatened and retaliation by another employee or employer for speaking up when issues are wrong.

It can get pretty scary in the workplace and if you are in a situation that is out of control, call an attorney that practices Employment Law Northampton MA workers depend upon and totally recommend to others. These attorneys also work in the Ancillary Legal Services areas which means they perform estate planning, work with probate and family law, real estate and divorce law. If you’re one of the many people who expects legal problems to arise in the coming New Year, click on the website and enter your name into the contact form.

Remember, don’t put confidential information in your email to the lawyers if you haven’t had a consultation. Once you’re accepted as a client, what you say to them will be confidential. Let a firm with experts working together help you to get a grip on whatever you’re dealing with. They understand your fear of an employer, another employee or an angry spouse and will do what’s best to protect you and your interests. Click here for more details about the employment law in Northampton, MA.