Employment Lawyers in Nashville TN: How to Know If You Were Wrongly Fired

Salaried workers form the biggest portion of the working population. Most of these employees face many challenges such as when an employment contract is illegally terminated or when an employer denies them their rightful salary. If you are a victim of such employers, you need to hire Employment Lawyers Westmont to help you file a case against your employer.

If you succeed in winning the case against your employer, you may recover your salary and get statutory compensation for any expenses you may have incurred while looking for another job. You may not know when your employment has been terminated wrongly. The following are common scenarios that constitute wrongful termination of your employment contract.

When there is a breach of contract?

If you signed an employment contract with your employer that explicitly stated your duration of employment, it is wrongful for your employer to terminate your employment contract indefinitely and prematurely. However, for the termination to be declared illegal, you must not have gone against any provisions that were stipulated in the contract you signed. For example, a provision in the contract may have stipulated that you should report to work at 8:00 am daily, but you constantly report later than this time, your contract may be legally terminated prematurely.

Discrimination on employment

There are laws that protect workers from discrimination on the basis of skin color, age, and sex, nation of origin, religion or race among others. There are also laws that prohibit termination of the employment contract for women who get pregnant or a worker who gets disabled during the contract period. If your employment contract was terminated discriminately on any of the above basis, you should hire a competent lawyer to help reverse the employer’s decision or get compensated.

Violation of certain employment laws

According to employment laws, every employee is entitled to take a certain time off which may vary from one state to the other. If you are fired for taking such time off during your employment, you should seek legal redress through your lawyer.

If any of the above scenarios were evident when your employment was terminated, you should consult Employment Lawyers Westmont to help you get compensated.

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