Does the Lemon Law Apply to You, Find an Indiana Attorney

When you buy a new product, you expect it to work correctly. When it doesn’t, you get frustrated regardless of price. However, when it’s something expensive, such as a car that you depend on each day, the experience can be devastating.

Indiana has rules in place to assist you if your new vehicle has problems. The Indiana Lemon Law (Motor Vehicle Protection Act) is there to protect you and ensure that your vehicle is fixed or you get a replacement one. However, certain rules must be met before you can get restitution.

Is it a Lemon?

A new vehicle is only considered to be a lemon if it was purchased brand new, has an ongoing defect with four attempts to fix, or has been in the shop for 30 total days for repairs. The time in the shop does not have to be consecutive.

Along with such, you must report these issues to the authorized dealer or manufacturer before the vehicle’ odometer reaches 18,000 miles or within 18 months of purchasing the vehicle.

Document Everything

If you experience lemon issues with your vehicle, it is essential that you keep records of each repair and any servicing or maintenance. You must also follow the maintenance requirements recommended by the manufacturer to ensure that you have taken care of the car. It’s also important to log any defects or problems, as well.

Hire a Lawyer

If you think your vehicle qualifies as a lemon, it is essential that you determine your options. Most people consider hiring a lawyer to help them through the initial claim and to get restitution more quickly.

The Lemon Law is there to protect consumers who have purchased a new vehicle with defects. Visit Krohn & Moss, Ltd. in Indiana for more information.

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