Do You Need an Injury Lawyer in Omaha?

by | Dec 20, 2012 | Lawyer


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When you are injured and need financial help from an insurance company, you can bet that they will fight your claim. There are very few insurance claims these days that are simply accepted. At first, they may try to reject your claim based on a technicality, such as the timing of the claim or an unrelated error on your application. The process can be exhausting, and it’s hardly a great time to be fighting with an insurance company, when you’re injured, in pain, suffering, weak, or confused. This is why many people in Omaha hire an injury lawyer to help them.

You shouldn’t give up just because you meet with some resistance from the insurance company. Resistance is standard, and insurance companies may get away with rejecting a lot of valid claims just because people aren’t willing to fight. The first thing an injury lawyer in Omaha will do is assess the likelihood of winning your claim. They should give you a free consultation and a realistic appraisal of your case. A good injury lawyer will not only find out the details of your case, but they will also tell you if you don’t have a chance, and they won’t take you on a client if they don’t think they can help you.

Legal Implications and How to Understand Them

While you may feel like the right and wrong of a case is obvious, the law is not necessarily set up in the way you would think. There are legal presidents to follow and your insurance contract will have a lot of detailed information about what you have a right to in the case of an injury. An injury lawyer will not only have experience with the law, they will be especially confident and skilled at reading the fine print. Injury lawyers with experience will know what to expect from the insurance company and they will know how to present your case in the best light possible.

Being compensated because you were injured should be a simple process, but it has become more and more complex as the price of health care has risen and insurance companies are under increasing pressure to bring in the highest profits possible. Nobody wants to part with more money than they have to. To wade through this when you are injured and tired can be more than one person can take. That’s why injury lawyers exist, because they can help you through to the other side.