Do You Need a Probate Lawyer, Find one in Rockford IL

by | Oct 12, 2018 | Family Law


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Many times, estate executors or next of kin in Rockford IL find it difficult to take appropriate action without using some authority figure, such as the probate court. It can be challenging to determine if you need a probate lawyer, but some tips can help you decide if it is necessary for your situation. It’s essential to understand that probate can be complicated and you have to keep strict records, generate reports, fill out forms, meet deadlines, and serve notices to heirs, newspapers, and creditors. Therefore, it can be best to hire legal counsel.

Prevent Personal Liability

While you may not think about such things, you could be held personally liable for any errors in reports, creditor payments, assets, and paying heirs in the wrong order. You were trusted to handle the estate, and you are likely going to do your best, but following the rules is much more important. Therefore, hiring an attorney is the best way to prevent you from becoming financially or criminally liable for anything that’s done wrong. They make sure you’ve filled out all the forms, handled reports, and paid people appropriately.

Faster Process

Many times, probate cases can extend several years if you don’t do everything correctly the first time. You are also responsible for giving proper notice, obtaining signatures, and filling documents before each deadline. Lawyers can help the process run smoothly and reduce delays because they make sure deadlines are met, so you don’t have to reschedule court dates or delay inheritances. It also saves you a lot of time because you can either let them handle it all or just have them tell you what to do and when.

A probate lawyer is essential if you want to reduce your stress and save time. Visit Crosby Law Firm in Rockford IL at to learn more today.