Disability Attorneys in Illinois: Getting Back Pay

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Legal Services


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When one of the disability attorneys in Illinois helps you get your social security or SSI benefits approved, the social security office might owe you more than just a monthly check. How much money in back pay you are entitled to varies depending on what kind of disability you have and when you first applied for benefits. The back pay is the money you would have received if your benefits had been approved the first time you applied.

The unfortunate truth is that there can be a very long wait between your application date and your approval date even if you get approved the first time around because of the volume of people that apply on a daily basis. Social Security Disability Insurance actually has a five month waiting period. This means that you would only be entitled to back pay if you had to wait longer than five months.

Another type of back pay you could receive is called retroactive benefits. This is a type of back pay that you would receive if the social security office believes that you would have been eligible for benefits much earlier than you applied. This back pay usually includes the date that you became disabled all the way up until your application day.

If you are entitled to any kind of back pay you will usually receive it as one lump sum on your first disability check. Most of the time people are going to use some of the back pay or just their first check to pay back disability attorneys in Illinois. In fact, disability attorneys in Illinois will not usually charge you for their services unless they get your benefits approved.

If you get approved for social security benefits you can expect to receive your first check on the first full month after the approval. For example, if you were approved for benefits sometime in January it would not be until the beginning of February that you would receive your first check. After that first check you would have a designated day every month on which you would receive your check. Browse rabinsslaw.com for more information.