Dealing With Injury Claims From Construction Accidents

by | Aug 7, 2015 | Attorney


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Construction work can be dangerous; there is the constant threat of heavy equipment moving around, the need to work at heights and there are many obstacles all around that can cause accidents. As a result of these and other hazards it is not unusual for accidents to happen and when they do the injured worker may have to hire a Chicago construction injury lawyer to represent him in court.

Construction accident law is a body of law that addresses personal injury and wrongful death which results from construction site accidents, the law also addresses safety laws as well as the standards that are in place to regulate the industry. The governing body is OSHA, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

Like all accidents, accidents on construction sites can range in severity from incidental to catastrophic. In many instances the accident results in death of the worker. As the industry demands a great deal of hard work and risk it is not unusual to see broken arms and legs, amputations, people rendered bling or deaf, paralysis or one of many other injuries. These accidents can be caused by a number of reasons including negligence on the part of co-workers, faulty equipment, defective material and components, inadequate training, inadequate safety measures in place and more.

Many construction workers are limited by existing law to workers compensation for any injuries that they receive on the job. In many cases an injured worker can hire a Chicago construction injury lawyer and sue for damages, they can sue parties as long as they are not their employer as being the cause of their injuries all based on the theory of negligence as well as product liability. If the injury was caused by a construction tool that was found to be defective the injured party can sue, he can file a personal injury claim in court naming the tool manufacturer as the defendant. The injured worker may also be able to file a claim for damages against the building owner and the general contractor if this company was not the employer of record.

There are various entities that may be held liable for an accident on a construction site. These entities include the owner of the site, professionals involved in the architectural and mechanical design, construction equipment manufacturers and providers.

If the injured individual was not working on the site but little more than an innocent passerby they too can use a Chicago construction injury lawyer and claim punitive damages if safety precautions were ignored or not in place at the time of the accident.

If you have sustained injuries due to an on-site accident you may not have to be satisfied with nothing more than workers compensation. If you are looking for a Chicago construction injury lawyer you are invited to contact Shea Law Group.