Criminal Attorneys in Decatur, AL, Defend Parents Who Violate a Custody Order

by | Feb 21, 2020 | Lawyers


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When one parent violates a custody order by not returning the child as required, the situation can escalate into one legally viewed as kidnapping. After the parent is caught and arrested, this individual needs criminal defense attorneys in Decatur, AL, for legal representation.

The kidnapping of one’s own child is commonly done to keep the child and the other parent apart. This violation of a court order may be classified as child abduction, depending on the circumstances. The individual may search online for a criminal defense attorney near me after being arrested and released on bail.

Reasons for Violation

Sometimes the parent simply wants to spend more time with the youngster and cannot figure out any other way to do so. In other cases, the parent truly is abducting the child and running away. This situation is serious, often leading to that individual leaving the state and trying to hide. After an arrest and charges being filed, the defendant may begin the search for a criminal defense attorney near me.

Typical Charges

In Alabama, the charges filed often are either unlawful imprisonment in the second degree or interference with custody. This is only a misdemeanor, but it still carries the risk of a criminal conviction on the defendant’s record. In contrast, interference with custody is a felony in Alabama. Now, hiring one of the experienced criminal defense attorneys in Decatur, AL, becomes imperative to prevent the worst consequences.

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