Compelling Reasons to Talk with Dedicated Workers Compensation Lawyers

by | Mar 25, 2021 | Law


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Every year many employees become injured while in the workplace. In 2019, about 2.8 persons in every 100 employees were injured at work each year. This is still a high percentage of accidents happening at work settings from office buildings to large factory floors. Here are some compelling reasons to talk with dedicated Chicago workers’ compensation lawyers if this scenario arises.

How Much Money Does Someone Get if They Collect Workers Compensation?

These numerical figures vary due to different types of jobs and each state’s specific workers’ compensation rules and regulations. A professional nurse or a highly skilled laborer working at a trade job could net more per month in monetary and medical care benefits than a worker whose only job experience was working part-time at a retail or food service job making minimum wage. Other factors to consider when crunching the numbers is the years of work experience and severity and extent of injuries.

Why Do So Many Employees Still Get Injured While on the Job?

Companies should have safety rules and policies that must be followed by all employees. Failure to abide by these policies that results in a workplace injury could put those benefit funds into question states Chicago workers compensation lawyers. Some companies are lax in ensuring that the workplace remains a safe environment for everyone.

How Many Workers Die Due to Workplace Related Illnesses or Injuries

Some statistics report approximately 275 workers die at work each day. Contact Shea Law Group via