Common Factors Involved in Semi Trucking Accidents in Waldorf and Elsewhere

by | Oct 3, 2018 | Lawyers


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Researchers continue to discover reasons for commercial Trucking Accidents in Waldorf and elsewhere in the country, and how to reduce the frequency of these incidents. The Federal government has passed regulations requiring electronic recording of hours and mileage driven. Now, drivers no longer can create fictional logbooks that show they drove less than they did. However, accidents still occur, and collisions between trucks and passenger vehicles tend to be catastrophic.

Irregular Work Schedules

Even with these regulations, many truckers still have to work erratic hours instead of a regular schedule. They may have trouble sleeping when the time they have off varies so much. That can lead to fatigue and sleepiness behind the wheel. A study published in Safety and Health at Work in 2015 found that nearly 83 percent of drivers surveyed reported working irregular hours. Another study found that almost 40 percent of long-haul truckers said they rarely or never had a good night’s sleep while out on the road.

Sleep Apnea

Also, research has found that truckers tend to be overweight and even obese. Most of their work time is spent sitting, and they are likely to eat an unhealthy diet while on the road for many days at a time. Being overweight is a risk factor for sleep apnea, which disrupts sleep substantially.

Emotional Reactions

The combination of factors can result in drivers nodding off while on the road or having very slow reaction times. Drivers may start relying on caffeine pills or stimulant drugs they buy illegally. Enough of these substances can make the user jittery and irritable. Frustration over road construction delays and detours may tempt them to make illegal maneuvers or other unsafe decisions. Angry and aggressive reactions toward other people on the road also can be the result of stimulating drugs, leading to Trucking Accidents in Waldorf.

Concluding Thoughts

Each accident is different and has specific reasons why it occurred. People who have been injured because a semi truck ran out of control or because a driver acted aggressively may contact an organization such as the Jaklitsch Law Group for legal representation.