Common Estate Planning Mistakes to Avoid

by | Jul 3, 2017 | Attorney, Lawyer


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Many people find it important to make sure their property, money and possessions go to certain people after they pass away. Without completing the estate planning process, your wishes may not be followed and your family may go through additional stress. To ensure a smooth transition after you die, it’s best to work with an experienced will and trust attorney in Palm Springs. They can help you avoid some of the most common mistakes in estate planning.

Failing to Update Your Will or Trust

Life is constantly changing, and so must your estate plan. If there are any changes in circumstance, such as buying or selling properties, acquiring new possessions, the passing of previous beneficiears, or the birth of a child – you may need to make changes to your estate plan, including updating your will or trust. Failure to update your will or trust can create confusion and slow down the estate process after your death. A qualified will and trust attorneys in Palm Springs can help you make these required changes.

Procrastination Can Create Problems

Perhaps the biggest mistake you could make with estate planning is to not create one at all, or to do it, but do it incorrectly. If you wait too long, your family may have a more difficult time in securing the resources they need to survive without you. In addition, your property may be subject to a probate, which can be overly burdensome and costly. Rather than risking this situation for your family, it’s best to meet with a will and trust attorney in Palm Springs to ensure the proper documentation is in place, not just for the benefit of your family, but for your benefit as well, including a peaceful mind.

If you need help with your estate plan, visit the Law Offices of Matthew J. Hunter to find out how an experienced attorney can help you protect your family in the future.