Cases Faced by a Family Court Lawyer in Suffolk County, NY

by | Sep 11, 2012 | Family Law


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Family conflicts are of various types. Some of the conflicts end within the boundaries of the family, while some have to be resolved with the help of others. Such circumstances need the intervention of a family court lawyer. Many people confuse family court cases and divorce handling to be of the same category. But this is not true. Divorces are a separate stream of law process. Cases like family conflict, child custody, etc. fall under the family court cases.

Dealing with family court issues requires a lot of patience and sensitivity towards the client’s issues. Since family members are involved in the cases and often stand to fight against each other, there are many complex matters that arise. Most of the people tend to get very emotional while placing their charges. Sometimes they are not even sure what they actually want out of the case. Such situations need to be handled properly by a family court lawyer be it in Suffolk County, NY or any other place.

Types of disputes handled by a family court lawyer

Family court lawyers handle the legal courses of all kinds of family related conflicts. Many times the opposite parties agree to settle the case outside the court and the lawyers of both the sides generally sit with the clients to discuss the matter. They negotiate about the various aspects and come to a conclusion where both the parties are satisfied and don’t feel the need to go to the court anymore.

Some of the major family conflicts that a family court lawyer in places like Suffolk County, NY handles are as follows,

* Orders of protection – These types of cases involve requests for lawful protection for the client in situations like stalking, harassment, attempt to murder, threats and so on

* Paternity issues – These cases revolve around deciding the actual father of a child

* Children custody – This is usually to decide which parent or grandparent gets the custody of the child after the parents’ divorce or death

* Child support – These cases are fought to deduct the kind and extent of child support that needs to be rendered by the parents in case of divorce or other such situations where the child cannot stay with both the parents together

* Grandparent rights – This is to decide the extent of liberty and duty the grandparents have over their grandchildren

Other than these primary issues, other conflicts related to relocation, dependency, emergency sustenance, etc, are also handled by a family court lawyer. Finally, make sure that you hire a lawyer who is easy to communicate with and understands your needs appropriately. Your lawyer should also understand you for coming up with a justified settlement between family members.

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