Car Accidents Attorney in Joliet IL

There are new laws around the country that will allow authorities to fine motorists who send text messages while driving. There are many studies that suggest cell phones contribute to auto accidents. However, a reason for the ban on texting while driving could not be substantiated because lawmakers noted that there are many types of distractions that cause auto accidents. Therefore, it’s impossible to legislate all possible forms of distraction. Several types of distractions that Car Accidents Attorney in Joliet IL regularly see across the country are:

•   Reading. Many drivers try to read text messages or even read newspapers while driving. Taking your eyes off the road, even if it is for seconds, could cause a serious accident.

•   Eating and drinking. Many drivers have to stop and get their morning coffee. Morning commuters also favor food while driving. According to Car Accidents Attorney in Joliet IL, eating and drinking while driving causes many traffic accidents. Drivers who are eating and drinking tend to remove their eyes and attention away from the road.

•   Viewing maps. Viewing maps is dangerous because it removes your attention from the road. According to several experts, the GPS cannot help much because the driver must program the destination device or look to see where it goes.

•   Writing. Taking notes is dangerous and yet drivers do it all the time.

•   Daydreaming. Studies suggest that drivers think about other things constantly, which removes attention from the road and diminishes the driver’s ability to respond quickly.

•   Adjusting the radio. This may cause pedestrian or auto accidents. Devices such as MP3, iPod, etc. can always help because the driver has the desired music on hand.

•   Passengers. Conversations with a fellow passenger means that you are thinking about the conversation instead of concentrating on the road. This is one reason why experts believe that hands-free devices are not as great as people say.

If you have been injured by a distracted driver, he/she can be found to be responsible for their irresponsible actions. Unfortunately, it is you that can bear the consequences. Contacting car accidents attorney in Joliet IL may be the most important decision you make.

You can have serious injuries that require you to stop working, along with expensive medical treatments and costly repairs. If a reckless driver caused your injuries, you may be eligible for compensation that can help cover your expenses. For more information contact Kipnis and Kahn LTD today.

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