Avoid Time and Points on Your License With a DUI Defense in Junction City KS

by | Feb 26, 2015 | Legal Services


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Drinking and driving is never a good idea. It places the drunken driver and everyone else on the road in danger. his kind of reckless behavior could easily result in the death of one or more drivers. When someone gets behind the wheel they need to be sure they are not over the legal limit for alcohol. If a driver is found to be over the legal limit they could be facing jail time. More importantly, having a DUI offense on record could make it difficult to find employment later on. The best thing for that driver to do is to call a lawyer for DUI Defense in Junction City KS. With some help from a lawyer, it’s possible to jail time and even avoid having points added to a license.

DUI defense can be tricky. The behavior of the defendant during the arrest makes a big difference. It’s important to remain polite and cooperative when a police officer makes a stop. Many lawyers suggest to refuse the roadside sobriety test. The results of this test are not proven in court. Refusing a breath test is a crime. But it’s also important to know that the results of this test are cannot be submitted in court. The best thing to do is to not answer any questions without a lawyer being present. The driver does not have to answer any questions about alcohol, but can expect to go to jail if they refuse the breath test.

Anyone facing DUI charges should contact a lawyer right away or visit website for more information. Consulting with a lawyer right away is the best way to start building a defense. It’s important to relay all the facts about the arrest and the charges. Leaving out a single detail could result in severe consequences. Instead of avoiding jail time the defendant could end up losing their license permanently. If the defendant attempted to evade the police the consequences are much worse. The lawyer will need to know exactly what happened in order to create the best defense possible and help the driver avoid severe consequences and get their life back to normal.