An Immigration Lawyer in Nashville, TN Can Keep And Immigrant Legal

by | Jul 21, 2015 | Law


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When an immigrant comes to the United States, it can be an exciting time. People are well aware of all the opportunities that can be found in America. However, the new and exciting opportunities aren’t the only things a new immigrant should think about. An immigrant also has to take immigration law very seriously. Making mistakes when it comes to immigration laws can turn a potentially great experience into a bad one. Deportation may be the result of such mistakes. Getting in contact with a qualified immigration lawyer in Nashville, TN can help an immigrant find out everything they need to know about the immigration process.

Speaking with Dawn A. Garcia Attorney at Law or any other qualified immigration lawyer is a worthwhile investment. Having a good lawyer on one’s side can help one stay on top of what is going on with immigration proceedings. Immigrants should expect delays with their renewals and applications. In some cases, delays can cause applications and renewals not to be processed for three years. As such, it’s always good to file for renewals well in advance of expiration dates. An immigration lawyer in Nashville, TN can help with any paperwork that has to be filed. Letting a visa or green card expire can lead to deportation.

Immigrants who wish to remain in the United States need to establish citizenship as soon as possible. Most immigrants start filing for U.S. citizenship after about five years of having their green cards. Having U.S. citizenship can protect against deportation in certain circumstances. It can also help an immigrant get legal status for immediate relatives. Immigrants need to be aware of laws regarding address changes. An immigration lawyer in Nashville, TN can help an immigrant notify USCIS of any address change. A notification must be filed within ten days of a person moving to a new home.

It’s important to understand that visas, work permits, and green cards all have different rules. Violating any of those rules can result in an immigrant being deported. Violations don’t have to be major ones. People have been deported for the smallest of violations. It’s wise for immigrants to keep copies of all their paperwork.