An Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Bellingham, WA Explains How a Claim is Valued

by | Nov 1, 2018 | Lawyers


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A person injured in a car accident may find he or she needs to retain an Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Bellingham WA. However, some individuals are hesitant to do so simply because they are worried about the expense. This should not be a concern during a difficult time, and most attorneys understand this. When they take on any type of personal injury case, they do so on a contingency basis. This means the attorney will only be paid if he or she wins the case.

The Contingency Fee

Most auto accident injury lawyers work on a contingency basis. The percentage the attorney may charge in this type of case varies by state and typically runs between 25 and 40 percent. The most common fee, however, is 33.33 percent, which means the attorney receives one-third of any money received. There are exceptions though. For example, when a case settles before the initial complaint is answered in court, the contingency fee is typically lowered. An Auto Accident Injury Lawyer in Bellingham WA can provide more information on how much a client can expect to pay.


Victims may find they are responsible for certain expenses related to the case regardless of the outcome. This could include any fees associated with filing the case, fees charged for the serving of subpoenas and summons, and more. These fees are typically payable when they are incurred, and the client must pay before the case proceeds. However, not all attorneys charge these fees or require payment. Be sure to have this information included in the contract so there are no surprises as the case moves forward. Furthermore, have it written into the contract when the fees will be settled. Most clients demand the attorney’s contingency fee be calculated after any expenses are deducted, which is the standard in the industry.

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