Acquiring Advice from Personal Injury Lawyers in Tucson, AZ for Dog Attacks

by | Apr 28, 2017 | Personal Injury Attorney


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In Arizona, pet owners must manage their dogs and lower the chances for neighbors and others to become injured. These precautionary measures benefit the pet owner as well. By following these measures, they won’t face liabilities when their dog attacks. The following is advice clients could receive from personal injury lawyers in Tucson, AZ for dog attacks.

Always Seek Medical Attention

It doesn’t matter how minor the injuries are. Victims need medical attention in order to acquire documentation for these injuries. If the victim chooses to file a legal claim, they need thorough medical records for supporting their claim. Their attorney can acquire these medical records to submit to the court as evidence.

What Happens After Treatment Is Provided?

The doctor is bound by law to report any animal attacks to the county animal control officer. It is up to the animal control officer to determine if there are any additional requirements. If the victim isn’t in any way at fault for the attack, the animal control officer must acquire the animal for an assessment. If the animal caused a fatality, more extensive measures are taken.

Is the Pet Owner Notified?

The pet owner is notified by the county animal control officer. The owner is required to surrender the animal to a licensed vet of their choosing in their county. The standard quarantine period for these animals is twelve days. During this time, the vet determines if the dog exhibits any signs or symptoms of rabies. They also determine if the dog is aggressive by nature or if extenuating circumstances have occurred.

The Requirements Identified in These Cases

The victim must prove that they didn’t break the law when they were attacked. They must show that they had a lawful reason to be around or inside the property. Any criminal act forfeits their right to compensation.

In Arizona, pet owners must follow laws related to the ownership of dogs. This includes acquiring regular vaccinations and maintaining control over them. Failure to comply with local laws could lead to fines for violations and monetary awards for victims. Anyone who has been attacked by a dog should contact personal injury lawyers in Tucson, AZ by visiting .